Quality policy

TuCon, a. s. is a modern building company specialised in the range of underground and utilities building works. The decisive objective of the company is to fulfil the requirements of the customer and involved parties by high quality of the performed construction work and compliance with the period of construction with the aim to ensure long-term prosperity and competitiveness of the company.

The top management undertakes to ensure all the required resources for the work of the organisation and its permanent improvement.

With the aim of these objectives fulfilment the operation of TuCon, a. s. is oriented at the following principles:

  • considering the customer satisfaction as the main indicator of our work quality on both domestic and international market,
  • ensuring prospective and complex development within the whole spectrum of company’s business activities,
  • ensuring the quality of building work in compliance with the current world trends and at the state-of-the art level,
  • creating, maintaining and improving correct and serious relations with our business partners so that these lead to the value growth for both participants,
  • creating conditions for the education and professional growth of employees and contributing to the improvement of professional standard of services rendered,
  • every company employee must believe that the quality of services rendered by our company is the priority, because the quality of services is influenced directly or indirectly by all the activities and company employees.

Environmental policy

The fundamental philosophy of TuCon, a.s., in the area of environment is minimising the impact of our activities on the environment.

With the aim of nature protection and reducing adverse effects on the environment the environmental care forms an inseparable part of our management system.

Priorities of our company’s environmental policy:

  • operating our facilities and technologies in compliance with the environment protection; replacing unsuitable facilities and technologies by more suitable and efficient ones,
  • efficient use of materials, natural resources and energy at all production activities and limiting the waste volume,
  • managing the created waste of all categories according to the cited regulations on waste and according to the waste catalogue (Decree of the Ministry of Environment No. 284/2001) only by means of contracted and authorised legal entity,
  • using and improving the system of employees education on the improvement of their environmental awareness, technical knowledge and responsibilities at the environment protection,
  • co-operating in the field of environment with the state administration and technical organisations with the aim to improve protection, prevention and obtaining new knowledge,
  • compliance with the conditions arising from the decisions of the bodies of state administration,
  • permanently improving the performed activities and working conditions of our employees to minimise their adverse effect on the environment,
  • maintaining and permanently improving the system of efficient internal communication between the management employees and workplaces of the joint stock company,
  • asserting the environment protection and environmental management principles with our contracting parties and preferring those who apply the same principles.

The company’s top management expects full support of its employees in these efforts and commits them to comply with the principle that the environment protection is one of the fundamental duties of every employee of this company.

Occupational safety and health protection policy

The occupational safety and health protection policy in the joint stock company TuCon declares the company’s attitude to safety and health protection at work mostly by creating optimum conditions for safe and non-endangering work. The company considers the performance of the requirements of occupational safety and health protection stipulated in legal regulations and internal guidelines at the workplaces to be a matter-of-course.

The safety and protection of employee’s health is considered in the company management system to be equal and inseparable part of working duties of head workers at all the management levels.

Applying the principles of the occupational safety and health protection policy and is the common responsibility of all the company’s employees:

  • achieving zero accident rate at workplaces,
  • safety must be managed and therefore all the managers and other technical and economic staff at all management levels are responsible for the safety,
  • the responsibility of every employee for the compliance with the rules of occupational safety and health protection at the workplace – every employee according to his/her possibilities takes care of own safety and safety and health of other persons directly influenced by his/her acting,
  • applying the requirements on occupational safety and health protection at the procurement of tangible assets, material, and/or technologies and putting machines and technical equipment into operation only if they comply with the appropriate legal regulations and after making prescribed control, tests and inspections,
  • being familiar with occupational health and safety regulations applying to all activities performed by the employee is part of his/her qualification presumptions – systematic education of employees improves their qualification and awareness of the importance of the safety and health protection at work,
  • creating presumptions that no employee performs work not corresponding to his/her medical capability by applying the system of preventive medical care
  • understanding the bodies of state technical supervision as the partners at the performance of safety policy in the company, mostly when putting new technologies and facilities into operation with the aim to improve the working conditions, protection of employees and prevention in the field of occupational safety and health protection,
  • regular controls and inspections at all company workplaces, assessing the conditions in the company and identifying and eliminating potential resources of possible accidents and occupational accidents minimum once a year before the inspections of occupational safety and health protection.