Content of company

The TuCon, a.s. building company is specialised in an assortment of underground constructions and civil engineering structures.

In this assortment of work, we do the following:

  • Construction of underground projects, boring, reconstruction and concreting (tunnels, underground constructions, exploration and escape galleries, subways, underground warehouses, garages, and containers)
  • Construction and reconstruction of water-engineering structures (excavation technology and technology not requiring excavation)
  • Reclamation & closure of solid waste landfill
  • Implementation of flood protection measures

Establishment of the company

The TuCon, a.s. construction company in Žilina was established in 2009 and it goes on with business activities of production divisions of underground constructions and civil engineering structures of TUBAU, a.s. which the company purchased based on the Agreement on Sale of a Part of the Company signed between TuCon as the purchaser and TUBAU, a.s. as the seller.

Based on the aforementioned contract, TuCon, a.s. purchased the following complete parts of TUBAU, a.s.:

  • Underground constructions division;
  • Civil engineering structures division;
  • Company administration for both the divisions;
  • Subsidiaries and organisational units;

thus becoming a successor company in the aforementioned assortment of construction work. All unfinished projects, as well as references for already finished projects, passed over to TuCon, a.s. in addition to necessary technical equipment and machinery and complete personnel of the aforementioned divisions.

The same members of the TuCon, a.s. management are a proof of continuity and a guarantee of going on with an assortment of projects of underground constructions and civil engineering structures at TuCon, a.s.

Company profile

The scope of Underground Constructions works include:

Construction of underground structures, reconstructions, driving and concreting

  • motorway and road tunnels
  • railway tunnels
  • underground structures for metro (subway)
  • hydro – energetic tunnels
  • underground structures for water- engineering works
  • exploration and escape galleries
  • pedestrian underpasses

Large-capacity underground structures

  • warehouses
  • garages
  • containers

The scope of civil – engineering structures works include:

Construction and reconstruction:

  • water-engineering works – water supplies and sewerages
  • waste water treatment plants, pumping stations and water resources
  • public spaces and squares

Reclamation & closure of solid waste landfill

Implementation of flood protection measures

Organization structure


Organization structure

Ing. Jozef Hric

Ing. Jozef Hric
and General Director

Ing. Tibor Bielokostolský

Ing. Tibor Bielokostolský
Member and Underground
Constructions Division Director

Ing. Viera Palanová

Ing. Viera Palanová
Vice – Chairman
and Finance Director

Ing. Ľubomír Gaňa

Ing. Ľubomír Gaňa
Member and Engineering
Constructions Division Director

Vision of the company

Complex development in all business activities in which the company is involved is the main goal of TuCon, a.s. to become a renowned construction company; to remain a leader in the Slovak market in an assortment of underground structures and to rank among successful companies in the area of water-engineering structures.

TuCon, a.s. is interested in active participation in realisation of tunnels being prepared within packages one and three of PPP projects, in construction of the D3 motorway and railway corridors and in construction of projects within development of a water-supply network and improvement of waste water treatment plants in Slovakia.

The company is open for cooperation with leaders of a construction market in the area of construction of motorway, road and railway projects and ready to go on with successful operation in the area of construction businesses both in Slovakia and abroad first of all as a supplier of construction work in the area of underground constructions and in the area of building of civil engineering structures.

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