Tunnel Mrázovka, site „MO RAST Mrázovka Tunnel“ Prague 5


Prague – capital city, Town investor department of the Municipality in Prague, represented by VIS, a.s., Praha 4 – Braník

Superior Contractor

Subterra, a.s., Praha 4 – Braník

Construction period

March 2003 – January 2004

Structures description:
Secondary lining of tunnel splits in west and east tunnel tube. Delivery and assembly of inner constructions for underground machine-room of air technique at site “MO RAST, Mrázovka Tunnel“.

Completed structures:

  • Delivery and assembly of secondary lining for vault of structures
  • SO 8131.25.02 WTT, technological section C – section 2. part
  • SO 8171.20.03 ETT, technological section C – section 2. part
  • SO 8139 U nderground engine-room of air technique
  • SO 8131.28.02 WTT SECTION E, secondary lining – vault

Construction technology:

  • secondary lining of tunnel splits (turning from triple-lane to double and single-lane) of western and estern tunnel tube
  • concreting was done at individual blocks of 10 m length, first step included secondary lining of walls followed by secondary lining of vault splits, special formworks of PERI system was designed for these structures, each shot of upper vault was different in horizontal and cross-section direction (it extended and rose)
  • machine-room of air technique was equipped with inner constructions up to building preparedness for technology assembly