Renovation of the Electrified Single Tube Double Track Petersberg Tunnel


DB Netz AG, Hahnstraße 49, 60528 Franfurkt am Main, Germany

Main contractor

ARGE Tunnel Petersberg, c/o Marti GmbH Deutschland, Zettachring 10A, 705 67 Stuttgart, Germany

Construction period

April 2017 – December 2019

Object description:

Renovation of the Tunnel Petersberg, line 3010 Koblenz Hbf – Perl (km 53,9+53 – km 54,7+00) – the first pilot project of the extension of the electrified tunnel under the continuing railway operation. The total length 378 m (driven part with the total length of 340 m and cut and cover part with the total length of 38 m).

Construction technology:

Extension of the original tunnel profile under the continuing railway operation by drill and blast driving under the protective framework.

Realized Works:

  • Site installation
  • Realization of the protective framework concrete foundations
  • Anchoring of the concrete foundations with self-drilling anchors IBO Ø 75 mm
  • Extension of the original tunnel profile by drill and blast work to the new tunnel profile
  • Supporting of the new tunnel profile by shotcrete
  • Realization of the waterproof secondary lining