D35 Ostrov – Vysoké Mýto, Homole tunnel


Ředitelství silnic a dálnic s. p.

Main contractor:

Consortium “Company for realisation of D35 Ostrov – Vysoké Mýto, Homole tunnel” – EUROVIA CZ, a.s.; TuCon, a. s.; EUROVIA SK, a.s.

Construction period

May 2024 – December 2027

Description of objects:                
The tunnel consists of two unidirectional tunnel tubes, while the LTT has a length of 525 m (length of cut and cover section is 180 m and length of mined section is 345 m) and RTT 570 m (length of cut and cover section is 120 m, length of mined section is 450 m). Both tunnel tubes are connected by one cross passage with a length of 17.5 m. The height of the overburden ranges from 8 to 24 m. The tunnel under the surface runs along the busy road I/17, while at the point of its crossing the overburden reaches a height of approx. 13.5 m.

The construction also includes 2 combined areas in front of the portals of the Homole tunnel, the entrances and exits adjacent to them, 1 bridge object, 2 supporting structures, 1 relocation of the existing road, 1 sewerage object and 14 relocation and modifications of civil engineering constructions. The total number of construction objects on this section is 33.

Construction technology:

The Homole tunnel will be excavated by with the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM) in challenging geological and hydrogeological conditions. The presence of Quaternary soils in combination with sandy marls and siltstones , with transitions to limestones, and also a higher groundwater level is assumed .

Other construction objects will be realized using standard methods and technical procedures in accordance with technical standards, relevant legal regulations and the requirements of the client of the construction, ŘSD s.p .

Executed works:

Excavation by NATM in LTT 345.0 m (156.0 m under the micropille umbrella) and in PTT 450.0 m (191.0 m under the micropille umbrella).

Waterproofing works and concreting of the secondary lining of the driven and cut and cover part of the tunnel. Additional work on the construction part of the tunnel, such as cable ducts, safety footpath, niches, drainage or fire water supply.

  • excavation of tunnel tubes, the profile 90,80 m2
  • length of LT (left tube) 525,00 m
  • length of RT (right tube) 570,00 m
  • LT: length of driving part 345,00 m
  • LT: length of cut and cover part 180,00 m
  • RT: length of driving part 450,00 m
  • RT: length of cut and cover part 120,00 m
  • amount of shotcrete 16 300 m3
  • amount of muck 79 000 m3
  • secondary lining
  • the block length: 12,50 m
  • amount of concrete: 16 300 m3 – driving part
  • amount of concrete: 8 800 m3 – cut and cover part