Project name: R4 Expressway Prešov – northern bypass Stage II (km 4.3 – 14.5)

Rýchlostná cesta R4 Prešov – severný obchvat II. etapa (km 4,3 – 14,5)


Národná diaľničná spoločnosť, a.s.

Main contractor:

“R4 Prešov Northern Bypass Stage II Consortium”

Construction period:

October 2023 – October 2027

Description of structures: The construction includes the actual structure of the Expressway R4 with a length of 10.2 km. Part of the construction is the Kapušany interchange (R4 x I/18), reconstruction of the affected roads I/18 and III/018200, as well as access roads to the tunnel portals and relaying of field roads. The construction also includes the Okruhliak tunnel, whose length is, in construction length at the level of the tunnel foundation, Left Tunnel Tube = 1.812 km and Right Tunnel Tube = 1.798 km. In total, the construction contains 13 bridges. 1 retaining wall has been designed for the R4; the construction includes the structures of water flow relocations (5 in total). 6 objects of anti-noise walls have been designed for the R4.

Construction technology: The Okruhliak tunnel will be driven by the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NRTM) in difficult geological conditions with the expectation that rocks are prone to swelling.

Other structures of the construction will be implemented by standard methods and technical procedures in accordance with technical standards, relevant legislation and requirements of Národná diaľničná spoločnosť a. s.

Performed work: Driving and primary lining of both tunnel tubes of the Okruhliak tunnel, including six transverse connections and emergency bays. Waterproofing work and concreting of the secondary lining. Finishing work on the construction part of the tunnel, including the pavement and fire water supply pipes.

Other structures of the construction Our delivery also includes pre-portal parts of the pavement, cable ducts, tunnel drainage, operational and technological objects on both portals and water mains relocations.