R4 expressway Prešov – northern bypass, I. stage (km 0-4,3)

Construction of the year 2023 – Main Prize

Our company, as a member of the JV VÁHOSTAV-SK – TuCon – R4 Northern Bypass of Prešov, has won the Main prize in the category Engineering construction and the Prize for use of progressive construction products and innovative construction procedures for the project “R4 Prešov, Northern Bypass, Stage I” in year 2023.

The award was received on behalf of TuCon at the award ceremony by CEO Ing. Miroslav Žák.


Construction of the year – Gala evening


National Motorway Company a.s.

General contractor

JV VÁHOSTAV-SK – TuCon – R4 northern bypass of Prešov

Construction period

July 2019 – October 2023

Description of the objects:

Construction include the part of the R4 expressway in designed category R 24,5/100 in the length 4,3 km and relocation of the road I/68 in the length of 1,655 km.
An integral part of the construction is cloverleaf interchange Prešov – north (R4 x I/68) and Bikoš Tunnel – left tunnel tube (LTT) in the length of 1 144,5 m and right tunnel tube (RTT) in the length of 1 164,5 m on foundation level, access roads to the tunnel portals, relocation of the cart-roads, 9 bridge objects and relocation of the existing engineering networks – over ground power lines EHV, HV, telephone line cables, railway traction line cables, water supply, sewerage, gas pipeline

Technology of the construction:

The tunnel will be driven by NATM – New Austrian Tunnelling method in hard geological conditions in supposed 9 excavation support classes.
Other objects will be executed by standard methods and technical process in accordance with technical standards, legislation and requirements of National Motorway Company.

Executed Works:

Bikoš Tunnel

  • Excavation under micropille umbrella LTT- 40,3 m and RTT- 40,0 m
  • New Austrian Tunnelling method LTT 1 115,2m; RTT 1 125,0m
  • Drilling of face, boreholes charging, blasting works, loading and hauling of rock, supporting of excavation by rock anchors, wire mesh and shotcrete, extension of ventilation pipes, pipelines, dewatering works…

Other object of the construction

  • Access road and support of the northern tunnel portal, retaining walls, relocations and new objects of sewerage, relocation of the water supply, final ground and vegetation landscaping