Reconstruction of the Bratislava tunnel no. 2, ŽST Bratislava, Main station


Railway of the Slovak Republic , Bratislava

Construction period

August 2022 – June 2023


Object composition:
SO 32-01 Railway superstructure in tunnel no. 2
SO 33-01 Measures to reduce surface water seepage from the terrain into the tunnel
SO 33-02 Reconstruction of BA tunnel no. 2, in ŽST Bratislava
SO 35-01 Traction line in tunnel no. 2
SO 35-02 Lighting in tunnel no. 2
SO 35-03 Cable box ÚAB 6 kV

PS 21-01 Modifications of OZT equipment

Construction activity:

  • reconstruction of the lining of tunnel No. 2 in ŽST Bratislava main station,
  • rehabilitation of portal front P1 (Lamačský),
  • rehabilitation of the portal front P2 (Bratislava),
  • measures to reduce surface water seepage from the terrain into the tunnel,
  • repair of drainage of pre -portal parts of tunnel No. 1 and 2,
  • replacement and modification of the traction line due to the reconstruction of the tunnel,
  • replacement of rails and fasteners along the entire length of the tunnel and parts in front of the portals,
  • modification of external elements of the security device in the tunnel,
  • tunnel lighting reconstruction,
  • modification of 6kV line between TS 522-TS521,
  • stonemasonry work on a listed building.
Scope of construction works Number of measurement units
Replacement of rail belts 696 m
Reconstruction of the tunnel (single track) 596 m
Tunnel – injection wells 33 208 m
Tunnel – grouting 9,432 m2
Traction line (new catenary wire) 702 m
Modification of security lines (new signs) 2 pcs
Lighting in the tunnel (pipe DN25, cable 3×2.5) 704 m
Lighting in the tunnel (pipe DN32, cable 5×2.5) 2,468 m
Modification of the 6 kV cable line (new 6 kV cable) 1,700 m