Bratislava, Vajnorská street – rehabilitation of public water supply and public sewerage system


Bratislavská vodárenská spoločnost, a.s.

Construction period

August 2023 – December 2024

Construction technology:
The subject of the performance is the rehabilitation of the existing water supply and the existing public sewer on Vajnorská street in Bratislava, in the section between Trnavské mýto and the intersection of Kutuzovova and Vajnorská streets. The new pipes of public water supply and public sewerage will be run in one common trench. Communications and sidewalks affected by excavations will be returned to their original state.

Description of objects:

SO 01 Public water supply:
The renovation of the water supply system involves the reconstruction of the existing water supply system with a total length of 690.9 m, a connection to Česká Street with a length of 28.5 m, connections to water supply pipes in side streets and the connection of water supply connections. The proposed route of the water supply is designed to be approx. 4.6 m from the outer rail of the tram. The proposed water pipeline will be water pressure pipes made of ductile iron (PN10) DN 100 (DN 80), pressure class C40, with a single-chamber neck, the construction length of the pipes is 6.0 m with external surface protection based on extruded high-density polyethylene.
The reconstruction of the water supply system also includes the installation of sectional valves, hydrants, branch connections, connections of the new pipeline with the existing water supply network.

SO 02 Public sewerage:
Sewer rehabilitation solves the partial transshipment of the public sewer outside the body of the tram line, in a length of 676.90 m, where the existing concrete pipes of the egg profile of dimensions DN 500/750, 600/900, 700/1050 and 800/1200 will be replaced by reinforced concrete necked circular pipes DN 1000 (in length 604.5 m) and DN800 (in length 72.4 m), including inspection and confluence manholes and connection of existing sewage connections of various sizes. Due to the operation of public transport on Vajnorská street, the construction will be divided into 4 sections.
The proposed route of the sewage pipeline is designed approx. 3.7 m from the axis of the tram track. The pipeline is designed from reinforced concrete with an internal diameter of DN 1000 or DN 800 according to STN EN 1916. 7 pieces of confluence manholes and 6 pieces of control manholes are designed on the sewage pipeline.
The proposed reinforced concrete pipe will be a throat or direct marked TZH –Q100/250 with a total length of 604.50 m and TZH – Q80/250 with a total length of 72.40 m. . The proposed sewage drain BIII-1 will be connected to the collector BIII in the existing shaft Š1, which is proposed to be reconstructed.