Sewerage of the municipality of Pribeta and WWTP Pribeta


Municipality of Pribeta

Construction period

June 2023 – August 2024

Description of objects:
The subject of the filling is the gravity sewer PVC DN 250 and DN300 of 20 716m length, the HDPE sewage printout DN 65 and DN 80 of 2 043m length, including 8x CHS and 1 218x (9 402m) PVC sewer turns DN 150 and DN 200.

SO 01 sewage sludge
– part – gravity drainage
– part – printing piping
– part – sewer junctions
– part – pumping stations

SO 02 NN connections to PS
PS 01 sewage sludge – technological part of PS

Construction technology:

  • preparation of land for construction, geodetic surveying, including the identification of existing engineering networks
  • Installation of a temporary traffic sign
  • Spelling of asphalt
  • digging of ditches, holding of ditches, bed under pipes, laying of drainage pipes, drainage of pipes and the sheeting of the ditches itself
  • Lowering groundwater levels
  • Installation of revision and connection shafts, implementation of drainage branches and connections
  • pipe pressure tests, shunt tightness tests, TV camera monitoring
  • construction of sewage pumping stations
  • surface treatment of affected and occupied areas and communications (asphalting works)

Pribeta wastewater treatment plant

Building section
SO 1 Biological Reactor Operating Building
SO 2 Sludge-drainage building
SO 3 Fastening
SO 4 Fixed areas
SO 5 Landscapes and orchards
SO 6 Engineering networks
SO 7 Sludge tank

The technological part
PS 1 – Mechanical pre-purification
PS 2 – Biological and tertiary treatment
PS 3 – Sludge and sludge drainage
PS 4 — Power supply and ASRTP

Construction technology:
The object of the construction is the new construction of WWTP (cleaning capacity of 3 000 EO), partly on the site of the existing WWTP and partly on adjacent land. The technologically is WWTP designed with three-stage cleaning. It is a mechanical-biological sewage treatment plant with nitrification and self-contained pre-classifiable denitrification, with complete aerobic stabilisation of sludge in the cleaning process. A rotary drum filter is designed as a tertiary stage of wastewater treatment.