Rača – Grinava, water supply pipe, object: ČS Grinava and ČS Bernolákovo – modification of buildings in the area


Bratislavská vodárenská spoločnosť, a. s.

Construction period

August 2022 – April 2025

Description of objects:

Subject of performance for Building no. 1 is the realization of the object of the drinking water pumping station (PS) in Grinava . Pump Station (PS) will pump drinking water from the water main of higher importance Bernolákovo – Grinava from ductile iron DN 600, PN 16 to drink water reservoir Grinava . In addition to the PS Grinava facility itself, the construction will also include connecting pipes with the existing water pipes, reinforced areas around the PS Grinava , a cesspool and a HV (22kV) connection.
Trial operation of PS Grinava must test its operation during both winter and summer operation.

Subject of performance for Building no. 2 is the implementation of modifications in the existing site of PS Bernolákovo with the closure of most of the site, which will cease to be used for operational reasons. Apart from the demolished parts of the armature shafts, no building or water reservoir will be demolished, it will only be protected against the intrusion of unauthorized persons and against increased vandalism. Part of the improvements in the area of PS Bernolákovo is also the remodeling of the HV el. connections, construction of a new kiosk substation and a new LV cable distribution for the AS30 armature shaft.

After the completion of PS Grinava – drinking water in the direction of Grinava will be disconnected only in the fitting shaft AS 30 in the Bernolákovo area, and water from the 1st pressure zone will only be drawn in at the end of the Bernolákovo – Grinava pipeline (DN600) at PS Grinava . The existing facility of the Bernolákovo booster station, which currently pushes water up to drink water reservoir Grinava , will be taken out of operation after testing the PS Grinava in trial operation. These adjustments aim to optimize the pressures in the water network of the long-distance water supply network of higher importance “Podunajské Biskupice – Bernolákovo – Senec – Grinava “, thereby optimizing the operation of municipal water supply systems connected to these pipes.