Dubník-Svodín, reconstruction of long-distance water pipeline DN 600


SO 01 Reconstruction of long-distance water pipeline km 0.000 00 – 1.359 34


Západoslovenská vodárenská spoločnosť, a.s.

Construction period:

May 2024 – September 2024

Description of objects:

The DN 600 water pipeline in the section Kolta – Svodín is part of the pipeline that supplies the city of Štúrovo and the adjacent villages in this region. The reconstruction is designed from ductile iron DN 500 in the pressure range PN 16, which is satisfactory in terms of capacity as well as the speed of the water in the pipeline and is directly placed next to the existing long-distance water pipeline.

The purpose of the construction object SO 01 is

  • construction of a long-distance water pipeline with a length of 1359.34 m in parallel with the existing long-distance water pipeline DN 600 mm
  • new equipment of existing shafts
  • building up the necessary new shafts