Sewerage Horná Štubňa


Západoslovenská vodárenská spoločnosť, a.s.

Construction period

June 2023 – August 2024

Construction technology:
The subject of the project is the reconstruction and expansion of the existing Kolárovo WWTP. The goal of the project is to propose an optimal technical solution from the point of view of investment and operating costs of the WWTP. The total design capacity of the WWTP after reconstruction is 13,750 EO. The construction of the WWTP will take place during the full operation of the original pumping station or without limiting its operation by the construction of new buildings. Due to the existing low level of wastewater drainage into the public sewer (population connection below 27%), the design of the Kolárovo WWTP is divided into two construction milestones, where the 1st milestone is divided into two stages.

Description of works:
The works include the implementation of a mechanical wastewater treatment stage (1st milestone), which will be built for a total design capacity of 13,750 EO. As part of the construction of the mechanical stage, new on-site connecting pipes (wastewater supply from Main PS and ONDaBECK ) will be implemented to the inflow chamber of the discharge pipes, discharge from the on-site PS of sewage and discharge from the cesspool station. An outlet for purified water will also be built with a connection to the existing outlet to Váh, as well as the distribution of potable and utility water, including wells, roads and paved areas, to the necessary extent. As part of the electrical part , a HV connection, a new kiosk substation and secondary cable distributions for the mechanical stage of the WWTP will be made.

In this stage, the following buildings will be built completely or partially od construction objects:

  • SO 01 Mechanical cleaning (complete)
  • SO 02 Pumping station for pre-treated wastewater (complete)
  • SO 03 Pumping station for treated wastewater (complete)
  • SO 04 Sump water receiving station (complete)
  • SO 15 Connecting pipes (within the scope of the 1st stage)
  • SO 16 Drinking water connection (complete)
  • SO 17 Distribution of drinking and utility water (within the scope of the 1st stage)
  • SO 18 Site sewerage (within the scope of the 1st stage)
  • SO 19 Gas connection (complete)
  • SO 20 Outdoor lighting (within the scope of the 1st stage)
  • SO 21 Communications and paved surfaces (within the scope of the 1st stage)
  • SO 22 Fencing (complete)
  • SO 23 Orchard and landscaping (within the scope of the 1st stage)
  • SO 24 HV distribution and substation (complete)
  • BO 24.1 HV line branching (complete)
  • BO 24.2 HV connection (complete)
  • SO 24.3 Substation (complete)
  • SO 25 Building electrical installation (within the scope of the 1st stage)
  • SO 26 Demolition work (within the scope of the 1st stage)

operational files will be implemented within this stage :

  • PS 01 Mechanical cleaning (within the scope of the 1st stage)
  • PS 04 Operational power distribution (within the scope of the 1st stage)
  • PS 05 MaR and ASRTP (within the scope of the 1st stage)