Sewerage Horná Štubňa


Turčianska vodárenská spoločnosť, a.s.

Construction period

August 2022 – May 2024

Description of objects:
The subject of the contract is: Sewerage Horná Štubňa, which will be connected to the existing sewage system in the town of Turčianske Teplice. The construction will be carried out to a greater extent in the built-up area the village of Horná Štubňa and partly also outside the village.

Division of the construction:
BO 03 Sewerage Horná Štubňa

  1. part – gravity sewer
  2. part – booster pumping station

The construction contains:

  • Total length of the proposed gravity sewer: 14,362.1 m
  • Total number of pumping stations (booster pumping stations): 1 pc
    1. Machine technology and electrotechnology part for booster pumping station
    2. LV connection for booster pumping station
    3. MaR and connection to dispatching
  • Total number of domestic sewage connections: 433 pcs
  • Total length of domestic sewage connections: 3,031 m

Construction technology:
Preparatory work, Laying out work

1. Construction of sewage in an open trench:

  • trench excavation, trench lining
  • bed under the pipe
  • installation of a DN 300 / DN 150 sewer pipe
  • pipe lining
  • backfilling of furrows with compaction

2. Sewerage construction using trenchless technology:

  • steel extrusion. protectors under st. way

3. Revamping of roads after sewer trench