Sewerage od the group of municipalities of Horný Žitný ostrov stage 5 – Sewerage of Čakany


The village of Čakany

Construction period

June 2023 – December 2023

Description of objects:

  1. The subject of the order is construction work – sewerage of the village of Čakany, based on the project documentation.
  2. The construction of the work (stage 5) consists of a sewage network in the territory of the intra-village of the village of Čakany and a discharge to the village of Štvrtok na Ostrove, from where sewage water will be transported to the joint wastewater treatment plant in Hubice. The sewage network is designed as a sewage system. Rainwater will be drained through the existing gutters.
  3. According to the project documentation, the subject of the contract is divided into the following construction objects from a technical point of view:

SO 01 Čakany sewage network
SO 02 Impression of Čakany Štvrtok na Ostrove
SO 03 PS1a
SO 04 PS1b
SO 05 PS1c
SO 06 PS1d
SO 07 PS1e
SO 08 Electrical connections for the Czech Republic
SO 09 Sewer branches

Construction technology:

  • preparation of the territory for construction, surveyor works
  • asphalt sawing
  • trench excavation, trench lining, bed under the pipeline, laying of sewer pipes, pipeline backfilling and trench backfilling with compaction
  • lowering of the groundwater level
  • installation of inspection and connection shafts, realization of sewage branches and connections
  • pipeline pressure tests, shaft tightness tests
  • construction of sewage pumping stations
  • asphalting of trenches