Veľké Leváre – Sanation of the public water main


Bratislavská vodárenská spoločnosť, a.s.

Construction period

January 2021 – August 2023

Technology of the construction:
Reconstruction of the existing pipeline in the part of the municipality due to the emergency condition, bad technical conditions, but mainly due to increased incrustations in the pipeline which reduce water flow and need to be replaced with new ones as follows:

  • Construction of temporary surface lying HDPE water supply
  • Temporary connection of buildings to the HDPE water supply
  • Excavation of the trench and demounting of the existing cast iron pipeline
  • Installation of the new cast iron water pipes TVLT Blutop DN100 in the length of 1,746.5 m and TVLT Blutop DN150 in the length of 3,253.8 m
  • Construction of the new water connections from HDPE d32 pipelines in the total length of about 4,000 m