Hydroelectric Power Plant Búdarháls, Iceland


Landsvirkjun, Iceland


Ístak Ltd., Iceland

Construction period

December 2011 – September 2013

Objects description: 
The hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 80 MW works on the principle of Tungnaá and Kaldakvísl rivers´ declination between Hrayneyjar a Sultartangi power plants. Dams are constructed on the rivers east by Búdarhals. Water will flows down through the Búdarhals tunnel to the power plant on the west side ridge and flows into the Sultartangi tank.

The Project is divided into 3 parts:

  • Dam walls
  • Headrace tunnel and channel in the length of 4000 m, in dia. 140 m2
  • Hydro power plant

Construction technology:

  • Excavation, driven & blasting works – Norway tunneling method