Oberau road tunnel, Germany


Autobahndirektion Südbayern – München, Motorway company, Germany

General contractor

Joint Venture (Arbeitsgemeinschaft) Tunnel Oberau – Member of JV: TuCon a. s., Slovakia

Construction period

September 2015 – April 2020

Description of the objects: State road Bundesstraße 2 (B2) München – Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Oberau village bypass, Oberau Tunnel, Germany

  • double – tube road tunnel with a total length of 5,90 km, of which 5,58 km (2x approx. 2,80 km) of the driven part and 312,00 m of the cut & cover part (2x approx. 160,00 m),
  • the cross – sections of the tunnel are 80,00 m2 and 100,00 m2 with regard to the invert vault,
  • escape corridors of tunnel tubes in the number of 10 pieces (of which 5 are for pedestrians and 5 for driving through),
  • the axial distance of the parallel pipes is 40 m in a regular profile,
  • excavation on portals 60 000,00 m3, total volume of excavated rock 530 000,00 m3, primary lining shotcrete 100 000,00 m3 (including overbreak), concrete of secondary lining 150 000,00 m3 (including overbreak), steel reinforcement 7 600,00 t, supporting 50 000 pieces of anchors, insulation 160 000,00 m2.

Construction technology:

  • NATM – excavation through drill & blast works in rock (limestone, dolomite) and in the area of ​​loose rocks excavation by tunnel excavator,
  • excavation work will be carried out from the northern portal (from the side of Eschenlohe in the profile of the tunnel RQ26t – 80,00/100,00 m2).