Highway tunnel Považský Chlmec, Slovakia


National Motorway Company, Slovakia

General contractor

Joint Venture D3 Žilina (Strážov) – Žilina (Brodno), EUROVIA SK, a.s., HOCHTIEF CZ a.s., SMS, a.s.

Construction period

March 2015 – August 2016

Objects description:
The total length of the section D3 Žilina (Strážov) – Žilina (Brodno) is 4 250 m. The tunnel is consisting of two tunnel tubes – north tunnel tube (NTT) in the length of 2 249 m and south tunnel tube (STT) in the length of 2 186,5 m, both with two traffic lanes.

Construction technology:
NATM – New Austrian Tunnelling method.

Executed Works:

  • top-down driving on west portal: NTT 50 m, STT 37,5 m,
  • driving technology – NATM: west portal 550 m of NTT and STT and east portal 235 m of NTT and STT,
  • drilling of the tunnel face, charging and blasting works, loading and mucking, supporting with rock anchors, wire mesh and shotcrete, extension of the ventilation, pipelines, dewatering, etc.