Linth Limmern, Underground hydroelectric pumping power station, Switzerland


AXPO AG, Baden, Switzerland

Superior contractor

ARGE Kraftwerk Limmern

Construction period

February 2010 – April 2013

Objects description:

  • realized main objects – powerhouse cavern, dimensions LxWxH – 156×30, 6×53 m
  • cavern for transformer hall, dimensions 138x24x46 m
  • connecting galleries OWVL, VSK, VSDF

Construction technology: 
Underground objects were driven by using drilling and blasting works, by NMT – Norwegian Tunneling Method.

Executed works:

  • driving of connecting galleries OWVL – lenght 173 m, VSK– lenght 277 m, VSDF– lenght 216 m
  • driving of cavern for underground powerhouse, dimensions LxWxH – 156×30, 6×53 m
  • driving of cavern for transformer hall , dimensions LxWxH – 138x24x46 m
  • primary support of underground objects by using of steel fibre reinforced shotcrete and rock anchors