Highway tunnel Frankenhain, Germany

Driving works


Hessen Mobil Straßen- und Verkehrsmanagement, Germany

General contractor

ARGE A 49 Tunnel Frankenhain, Germany

Construction period

November 2012 – June 2015

Objects description: Highway tunnel with two parallel tunnel tubes, each with length of 900 m.

Construction technology: Tunnel driving is performed by mining methods.

Executed works:
Two parallel tunnel tubes – driven completely, each in length of 899 m.

  • traverse (cross) profile of tunnel RQ26t, two driving lanes 3,5 m width for every tube, two pavements (escape corridors) 1m width for pedestrians, two lanes of horizontal traffic signs 0,25 m width on a roadside,
  • there is built cross escape corridor for pedestrians in the each third part of the tunnel,
  • two parallel tubes are connected through cross escape corridor and in that place there are established (created) emergency bays with emergency stopping areas in the middle of tunnel (cca. 450 m) for each tunnel (tube),
  • other building structures are: bridge (amount of concrete: 1300 m3, 170 t of steel, operation building, rainwater retention tank),
  • volume of relocated soil: cca 600 000 m3.