Road tunnel Vadlaheidi, Iceland


Vaðlaheiðargöng hf, Iceland

General contractor

ÓSAFL SF (JV ÍAV and Marti Contractors), Reykjavik, Iceland

Construction period

August 2013 – November 2018

Construction technology:

  • The tunnel with length of 7.2 km is driving mostly in solid rock by using drill & blast works according to Norwegian tunneling method. Total length of the portals is about 320 m- it is giving a total length of the tunnel 7.5 km. The cross section is T 9, 5 according to the Norwegian tunnel standard with road level width 9.5 m and cross section 66.7 m2. The tunnel has 14 lay-bys, 4 of them are for turning to the opposite direction. There are 4 technical rooms inside and 2 beside the portals of tunnel. The project includes construction of the road in total length 4.1 km on both sides of the tunnel.

Executed works:

  • Driving and primary lining of tunnel with a total length 7 170 m.