Tunnel Feuerfelsen / Rennberg – concreting works

VDE 8.1 BA 3121 – NBS Ebensfeld – Erfurt, VP Coburg Ost TU Rennberg, Bau–KM 19,1+30 – Bau-KM 24,5+95


Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany

Main contractor

Arge Marti Coburg Ost , Germany

Construction period

November 2011 – December 2012

Object description:
Tunnel Feuerfelsen and Rennberg are parts of the traffic project „Deutsche Einheit Nr.8.1“, construction of a high –speed railway Nürnberg-Erfurt-Leipzig/Halle-Berlin.

Construction technology:
Tunnels are designed as single tubes, double track system. Tunnel uses double shell construction with external shotcrete primary lining and internal secondary lining from cast reinforced concrete of class C 30/37. By the reason of existence groundwater inflow are tunnels insulated by 3mm insulating foil SPO (flexible polyolefin) before secondary lining installation. Geotextile 1000g/m2 is used under insulation as drainage layer.

Tunnel parametersFeuerfelsenRennberg
Length1043 m1072 m
Clear height8,88 m8,88 m
Clear width13,70 m13,70 m
Maximum gradient- 2,50 ‰+ 19,95 ‰
Thickness of secondary lining45 cm45 cm
Cross-section101 m2101 m2
Number of escape galleries2 ks2 ks
Length of escape galleries225 m130 m
Escape shaft0 ks1 ks
Minimum thickness of hanging8 m8 m
Maximum thickness of hanging30 m40 m
Proposed speed limit300 km/hod.300 km/hod.