Tunnel Bibra – driving works

NBS Erfurt-Leipzig/Halle, PFA 2.2, section 243.6+96 km – 240.5 km+36, part Bibra Tunnel.
Bibra tunnel, length 6 466 meters, consists of two single track tunnel tubes and is part of transport project, “Deutsche Einheit No.8.1” construction of high speed railway Nürnberg-Erfurt-Leipzig/Halle-Berlin. Driving works were carried out at the same time on both tunnel tubes from east and west portal.


Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany

Superior Contractor

Marti GmbH Deutschland, Germany

Construction period

November 2008 – June 2010

Objects description:

  • north tunnel tube from the east portal
  • south tunnel tube from the east portal
  • escape gallery

Construction technology:
Tunnel was driven by NATM (New Austrian Tunnelling Method), with using drilling and blasting works, in a way of split bench.

Executed works:

  • driving of the tunnel tubes, profile 91 m2
  • length of north tube 3 170 m
  • length of south tube 3 170 m
  • driving period was 18 months,11/2008-04/2011
  • driving of 13 escape galleries, length 10 m, profile 54 m2
  • primary support of tunnels by using of shocrete, lattice girders, wire meshes and rock anchors type SWELEX