Tunnel Snekkestad, Norway

The new double track railway Holm – Nykirke, part of UHN 07 Snekkestad Entreprisen.


Jernbaneverket, Norway

Superior Contractor

MARTI IAV DA, Holmestrand, Norway

Construction period

August 2011 – December 2014

Structures description:

  • Underground Access Corridor R13
  • Underground Escape Corridor R12
  • Double Track Railway Tunnel UHN 07 Snekkestad Entreprisen

Construction technology:
Tunnel driving is performed by Norwegian Tunneling Method, using primary and secondary grouting of surrounding rock environment.

Executed works:

  • Tunnel tube driving in profile of 133 m2, 2080 m length
  • Escape corridor driving R12 in profile of 24,7 m2, 375 m length
  • Access corridor driving R13 in profile of 53,3 m2, 318 m length
  • Tunnel stabilizing primary by reinforced-shotcrete and rock bolts CT, primary and secondary grouting works