Prague Pavlov, shifting of road 1/6 – SO 331

Driven rainwater sewer


Ředitelství silníc a dálnic, Czech Republic

Superior Contractor

Heitkamp – Deilmann – Haniel GmBH

Construction period

June 2005 – February 2007

Technical parameters:
Long mining work – gallery of 860 m lenght serving for rainwater drainage, average excavation area of 6 m2 and shaft of 4 x 3.5 m, 8 m depth, situated in protection zone of Praque – Beroun railway corridor and Ruzyň airport protection zone.

Construction technology:
Excavation works were executed by NATM method and drilling-blasting works. Primary support of gallery was made of shotcrete, steel mesh reinforcement and partion beam. Primary support of shaft excavation was made by shotcrete reinforced with steel mesh and steel frames. Secondary lining was partially executed by smooth layer of shotcrete, reinforced with Kari mesh. Bottom of the shaft was made from reinforcement concrete with drain gutter and pavement.

  • rock excavation and primary support of gallery and shaft
  • secondary lining execution
  • concrete works related to execution of gallery bottom and framework of skeleton of inspection shafts from reinforced concrete