Hydro Power Plant in Ilulissat, Greenland

Construction period

August 2010 – July 2013

Structures description:
The hydro power plant utilizes glacial melt water from two lakes. Sections of the tunnels and the power station hall is in rock subjected to permafrost.

Hydro Power Plant in Ilulissat consists of:

  • Tunnel from sea 233 to sea 187: 1.350 m
  • Intake 187 Inclusive adit and vertical shaft: 665 m
  • Headrace tunnel Inc Adit and surge tunnel: 1.400 m
  • Tailrace tunnel: 1.730 m
  • Underground Powerhouse
  • Undeground Transformerhall
  • Acces tunnel and connection to headrace: 650 m

Total tunnels: 5.800 m

Construction technology:

  • excavation, drill and blast works – Norwegian tunnelling method