Road tunnel Nordnes, Norway


STATENS VEGVESEN, National Motorway Company, Norway

General contractor

Marti Nordnes DA, Norway

Construction period

March 2015 – December 2017

Objects descrption: Motorway E6 in Nordnes – Skardalen, Tunnel Nordnes.

  • road tunnel in the total length of 5,8 km (tunnel portal excavation of 20 700 m3, total cubic capacity of the excavated rock is 462 000 m3, jet grouting works of 150 000 m3, sprayed concrete of primary lining 19 400 m3, supporting 37 000 pcs of rock bolts, PE isolation 70 200 m2),
  • execution of the road surface in the length 780 m, two special concrete, noise barriers on the Bergli side, backfill to the sea in the capacity of 380 000 m3.

Construction technology:

  • driving and concreting works of Nordness tunnel will be realized in rock class B,
  • cross section of tunnel T 9,5 (74 m2), excavation from site area Monsastubergan and from opposite site area Bergli,
  • total length 5,8 km with general slope 1- 1,5%, 11 emergency niches (T1 2,5- 19), 6 technological areas (T 9,5) and secondary lining with PE foil and shotcrete.