Tunnel Horelica, Slovakia

Motorway I/11 Čadca – town bypass, part Bukov – Horelica


Slovenská správa ciest, Investorský útvar Žilina

Construction period

September 2003 – May 2004

Structures description:

  • Exploration gallery – escape corridor of the site
  • Motorway I/11 Čadca – town bypass, part Bukov – Horelica

Completed structures:
SO 206-12 Exploration gallery – escape corridor
Exploration gallery – escape corridor with main cross-section profile of 13 m2, extended cross-section profile excavation at areas with fans is 15.5 m2, excavation profile of 2 connectors represents 7.2 m2. Gallery is designed in a profile of second tunnel tube (it follows its direction and slope). In the initial part the galery is led in a way to violate the original excavation pit support of Čadca portal as minimally as possible. The gallery is led in parallel with original tunnel tube. Access portal is provided with safety collars. Transitional cross-section of gallery is of 2.5 m height, total width represents 3.2 m. Operation tunnel and escape corridor are connected through 2 tunnel connectors with transitional height of 1.8 m and total width of 2 m.

Construction technology:
Construction of exploration gallery – escape corridor of Horelica Tunnel was executed in two stages. First stage included gallery portal supporting by micropile umbrella. The gallery was excavated and supported by reinforcing elements in its whole length together with two connectors to existing tunnel. Second stage works were executed from the end of gallery to mouth and included drainage boreholes and secondary layer coating of shotcrete. This stage also included concreting of portal collar of the escape corridor.