Papradno, Central zone Renovation


Papradno village


Papradno & TUCON – SATES JV

Construction period

June 2011 – December 2011

Structures description:

  • SO.1 – Pedestrian bridge reconstruction
  • SO.1 – Pedestrian bridge reconstruction
  • 1st Phase – Provisional phone lines relocation
  • 2nd Phase – Definitive phone lines relocation
  • SO.2 – Road´s reparation close to the Community Center
  • SO.3 – Landscaping of public areas
  • SO.4 – Road bridge reparation close to the Municipality, construction & reconstruction of footpaths close to the Municipality
  • SO.5 – Construction & reconstruction of footpath

Construction technology:

SO.1 – Pedestrian bridge reconstruction

  • Old pedestrian RC structure bridge disassembling and construction of new one from wood
  • Provisional and definitive phone lines relocation
  • Removal of damaged pillar basement and construction of new one – pile foundation
  • New wooden bench assembling
  • Construction of a new foundation pillar and river banks stabilization around foundation pillar
  • Placing of the new bench on the local road

SO.2 – Road´s reparation close to the Community Center

  • Reconstruction of local road
  • Asphalt surfaces renewal on local road
  • Construction of retaining wall for newly constructed parking place
  • Laying the grass blocks in parking area
  • Laying the kerbstones and paving