Motorway D1 Prešov West – Prešov South, Fire-protection water main in Tunnel


National Motorway Company a.s.

General contractor

Doprastav a.s.

Construction period

July 2020 – September 2021

Description of the objects:  Ensuring a sufficient capacity of fire-protection water in case of a fire in the tunnel

Technology of construction: Water supply is designed from spigot pipes and ductile iron pipes DN 150 PN 16, system BLUTOP by PAM Saint Gobain. The pipes will be connected outside the channel using the original connection device. After assembling the individual pipes, two heating cables will be attached in parallel to the outer surface of the pipeline. Then pipeline will be free-laid into channel on concrete bottom L=0,20m under the spigot connection and is fastened with a stirrup to the anchor of the concrete sleeper. On the bearing groove of the concrete block, resp. on the inner surface of the stirrup is the rubber pad affixed by chemoprene glue as a separating layer. The pipe will be additionally insulated with cast two-layer thermal insulation made of BASF Elastospray  1601/5 and BASF Elastospray 1672/1 material. The gravitional discharging of the water reservoir on the western portal is also a part of the fire-protection  water main.