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Design and construction of D4 highway, section Jarovce – Rača and R7 expressway, section Bratislava Prievoz – Holice


Ministerstvo dopravy a výstavby Slovenskej Republiky

General contractor

D4R7 Construction s.r.o.

Construction period

February 2019 – May 2020

Description of the objects:

  • BO520/SO521 – parallel water pipeline made of ductile cast iron DN1400, PN16 in the length of 816m, with 3 revision and 2 shutter shafts; pipeline is installed in protective reinforced concrete pipe DN2000 in the lenght of 74 m and reinforced concrete collector in the total length of 39 m.
  • BO527 – water pipeline made of ductile cast iron DN800, PN16 in the length of 200m; building object starts with shutter shaft, water pipeline DN800 is diverted from existed water pipeline ROL1 and ROL2. Routing of the pipeline is located under the state route I/2 and finished in the reinforced concrete collector.

Technology of the construction:
Pipeline is located in the open trenches with vertical and sloap walls expect in crossing with route I/2 (trenchless technology with extruding of the steel protective pipe) Building shafts are ensured by the sheet piles.