Sewerage system of Dolní Ludgeřovice and Horní Ludgeřovice – II. stage


Ludgeřovice municipality


Joint-venture LUDGEŘOVICE, HOCHTIEF CZ a.s., Prague

Construction period

March 2013 – April 2014

Description of Structures:

a) Building part:

  • SO 01 Sewerage system of canal T- the 1st. stage
  • SO 02 Sewerage system of canal U- the 1st. stage
  • SO 03 Sewer connections to canal T – the 1st. stage
  • SO 04 Sewer connections to canal U – the 1st. stage
  • SO 05 Pumping station ČS1
  • SO 05.1 Pumping station
  • SO 05.2 Landscaping
  • SO 05.3 LV Connection NM
  • SO 06 Discharge from ČS
  • SO 01 LV Connection to the measuring trank
  • Works in swamp, sewage system stabilization, removal of sewage schaft, laying of kerbs tones, pipejacking under the local road, water pipeline relocation, fencing

b) Technology part

  • PS 01 Punping stations ČS1

There is is Completely proposed 228 pcs of revisory sewer tranks and 334 pcs of house sewer connections:

  1. Waterproof concret precast entry sewer trank – 139
  2. Candence trank for overcharging height differences on the route
  3. PP revisory tranks – Ø 600 mm in confined areas and short distances tranks -79 pcs

Construction technology:
Open cut – laying of PP sewerage pipeline into the cut, trenches sheeting with vertical sides – 7 109,5 m

Trenchless construction technology

  1. Pressure with steel jacking pipes
  2. Pressure with stoneware jacking pipes – 435,0 m