Sewage shafts reparation in Zilina, Lavobrezna Street


Severoslovenske vodarne a kanalizacie a.s., Zilina

Construction period

August 2010 – June 2012

Structures description:

  • Sewage shafts are situated on the 1st class road I/18A in Zilina, Lavobrezna Street. Due to the corrosive fume attack, concrete parts of sewage shafts have been damaged. Due to the heavy traffic, their total destruction is expected and stopping of traffic from that reason, as well. Sewage shafts reparation will be performed in open cut sheeting construction pits after the closure of road I/18A.

Executed works:

  • Removal of pavement asphalt top layer and subgrade layers, excavation and sheeting of construction pits for each sewage shaft, demolishing of existing prefabricated access chimney shafts, demolishing of existing monolithic RC shaft chambers and construction of new ones including glass-fiber board covering the internal walls. Construction of new access chimney shafts of glass-fiber material and built-up covers. Pavement subgrade layers and top layer restoring in the place of construction pit.