Construction of sewerage in agglomeration of the municipalities Podolie and Očkov


Municipality of Podolie, M.R. Štefánik 566, Podolie

Main Contractor

M – SILNICE SK s.r.o.

General Builder

BRA-VUR, a.s.

Construction period

September 2017 – January 2019

Object description:

  • SO 01 Gravitational Sewerage
  • SO 02 Building part of pumping stations + pressure pipeline
  • SO 03 Electrical connections LV to pumping stations
  • SO 04 Sewerage connections
  • PS 01 Technological part of pumping stations

The sewer system consists of a sewer net made of corrugated PP DN / OD 315 pipes and PP DN / OD 400 and pumping stations designed as underground structures. They ensure the discharge of sewage from producers to disposal sites in WWTP. According to the given terrain conditions, gravitational sewage is proposed in both municipalities and it is inclined into several locally lowest places. The street sewages gravitationally discharge the waste water into the storage space of the pumping stations where the waste is pumped into the existing pressure pipeline with introduction into the gravitational sewerage in Piešťany, after that to WWTP.

Realized Works:

TuCon will be the only builder of the whole project “Construction of sewerage in agglomeration of the municipalities Podolie, Očkov”.