Sewerage and WWTP, Dobšiná


Municipality of Dobšiná

General contractor

Joint venture Dobšiná, T-H-V-P-E, TuCon – leader of the Joint venture Dobšiná, T-H-V-P-E

Construction period

March 2015 – June 2016

Description of the objects and executed works:
Building objects:
BO 01 Objects in the WWTP area

  • mechanical pre-treatment object,
  • biological treatment objects,
  • service building and sludge treatment,
  • sanitary water well,
  • pipelines inside the areal,
  • cables inside the areal,
  • external lighting,
  • ground shaping and landscaping,
  • area fencing.

BO 02 Outflow from the WWTP and outflow object
BO 03 Electric connection to the WWTP
BO 04 Access road to the WWTP and surface stabilization
BO 05 Sewerage
BO 06 Sewerage connections
BO 07 Disassembly of the existing HV connection

Technological part:
TP 01 Technological part of the WWTP

  • machine equipment of the WWTP,
  • electrical equipment of the WWTP,
  • measuring, regulation and telemetry of the WWTP,
  • security of the WWTP area and CCTV.