Modernisation of D1 – section 12, Exit 90 Humpolec – Exit 104 Větrný Jeníkov


TGS Joint Venture, Prague

General contractor

TuCon, a.s.

Construction period

July 2018 – December 2018

Technology of construction:
Demolition of the original rain water sewer of motorway and building of the new rain water dewatering including shafts, connections, mountain inlets, waterproofing tests and camera inspection. Reconstruction of the rain water sewer in the middle of the traffic lanes is executed on the workplaces at a distance of 200 – 350 m.

Executed works:
Building of the „Sewer G“ in the total length of 975,91 m in the gradient 24 – 26 ‰. Canal is made of pipeline Pragma DN 400 in the total length of 558,58 m and DN 300 in the total length of 4 017,33. There are designed 27 revision shafts.