Svätý Peter – Sewerage and WWTP


Municipality of Svätý Peter

Construction period

January 2017 – March 2018

Technology of construction:
In the area with the possibility of gravity draining is realized sewerage system DN/ID 300 PVC-U SN8 in the total length of 13 102 m which transports waste water from 867 pcs of sewerage connections to 11 pcs of common pumping stations. From them is waste water pumped by pressure sewerage system PEHD PE100 SDR17 PN10 in the total length of 4 311 m.
In the area where is not possibility to drain the waste water gravitationally is realized high pressure sewerage system PEHD PE100 SDR11 PN16 in the total length of 3 762 m with 186 pcs of individual home pumping stations.
Pipeline is laid in open excavated trench with vertical walls except of crossing with the roads II/589, III/1467 and III/1468 (trenchless technology with steel pipes extrusion).

Realized works:

  • Objects in WWTP area
  • Service building
  • Sewerage system