Reconstruction and revitalization of parks in the city of Košice

City park, Komenského street – East, Komenského street – West, Moyzesova street


City of Košice


J.V. City park, T-E

Construction period

July 2012 – December 2012

Members of J.V.:

  • TuCon, a.s. – leader
  • ERPOS, spol. s r.o.

Object description:
The contract is divided into four objects:

  • City Park – reconstruction and revitalization of the urban green areas.
  • Komenského Park – East.
  • Komenského Park – West.
  • Park Moyzesova

Construction technology:
The project completely reconstruct and revitalize all the parks noted above in the city of Košice with a total area of ​​203 972, 32 m2, including fountains. This project consists of several objects and includes a revitalization, demolition and disassembling, ground shaping, construction of paved areas, landscaping, installation of small architecture elements, reconstruction of roads and footpaths, construction of bicycle lane, relocation and completing of LV (low voltage) wiring, reconstruction of fountains.