Dvory nad Žitavou – Sewerage and WWTP


Municipality of Dvory nad Žitavou

Construction period

July 2019 – August 2020

Technology of the construction:

Construction of the village gravity sewerage made of corrugated pipes PVC-U SN8 DN300 and DN 400.
New constructed pumping stations will supply pumping of the sewage water from the lowest level with HDPE SDR17 PN10 d90 (110, 160) pressure pipes.
Pipeline is laid in open excavated trench with vertical walls with sheeting except of crossing with the roads I/75, II/511 a III/1492 – trenchless technology with steel pipes jacking DN 600.
New constructed sewerage will be connected to the existing sewerage and existing WWTP.
Intensified conventional WWTP (activation with a settling tank) for 2 000 residents will be changed to activation with membrane technology (type MBR) for 5 170 residents.

Executed works:

Intensification of the WWTP

1. Operational objects

  • Pumping station for clear water, Machine room for membrane filtration
  • Mechanical pre-treatment – changing of self-cleaning trash rakes
  • Biological treatment – changing of blowers
  • Measuring and regulation – operational object 07 – ASRTP

2. Building objects

  • Pumping station for clear water Machine room for membrane filtration
  • Outflow of clear and overflow water – Measuring object
  • Extension of the sewerage
  • Electro-installation: light, socket distribution, lightning conductor

Construcion of the sewerage

  • Gravity sewerage, length 12 427 m
  • Discharge pipes, length 1 653 m
  • Gravity connections, 890 pcs
  • Pumping stations, 8 pcs
  • Electrical connections LV to the pumping stations