Teriakovce – Water main extension


Teriakovce municipality


“Joint venture Teriakovce, Ekosvip- Tucon“

Construction period

April 2012 – March 2014

Parts of the Project description:

  • supply pipeline
  • pumping station
  • pressure pipeline to water reservoir
  • water reservoir
  • feeding pipeline
  • distribution network
  • house connections
  • distribution network and house connections – area IBV “Pod Roveň”

Construction method:
Supply pipeline

  • pipeline DN 110mm in trench, length 171m, for pumping station supplying
  • hydrants

PumpING station

  • construction of the pumping station from reinforced concrete prefabs.
  • delivery and assembly of pumping station technology
  • installation LV electric connection and telemetry
  • fencing of the pumping station area.

PRESSURE PIPELINE to water reservoir

  • pipeline DN 90mm in trench, length 899m, for water delivering from the pumping station to the reservoir

WATER Reservoir

  • construction of water reservoir in volume 2x 150 m3 from reinforced concrete prefabs
  • delivery and assembly of disinfection technology
  • installation of LV electric connection and telemetric station
  • canalization DN 200mm, length 613 m and DN 400mm, length 385 m in trench, for waste water diversion from the reservoir.
  • outlet object with flap and 24 pcs of review and sewer shafts
  • access road, length 770m and width 4m.
  • fencing of the reservoir area.

Feeding pipeline

  • pipeline DN 110 mm in trench, length 484m, for water delivering into distribution pipelines
  • hydrants

Distribution network

  • pipeline network DN 110mm in trench, length 2.829m, for water delivering into water lines
  • hydrants

HoUSE connections

  • delivery and assembly of house connections DN 32mm, 91 pcs

Distribution network and hoUSE connections – AREA IBV “Pod Roveň”

  • water pipeline network DN 110 in trench, length 1.611m, for supplying the part of area IBV (Individual Houses Building) “Pod Roveň”
  • delivery and assembly of house connections DN 32mm, 98 pcs