Pezinok, region of Male Karpaty – sewage system

Pezinok – sewage system reconstruction
WTP Pezinok- wastewater pretreatment – EO 41500


Bratislavská vodárenská spoločnosť, a.s., Bratislava

Construction period

April 2008 – March 2009

Construction technology:

  • reinforcing, formwork and concreting works
  • construction of inner water line and sewage system of PE, PVC and glass-fiber material in open cut area DN 50 – DN 500 in total length of 380 m
  • the town sewage system reconstruction by excavation in amount of 3 pcs and non-excavation technologies DN 300 – DN 800 in the length of 602 m by pulling of impregnated cover inside, profiles DN 1000 – DN1200 in the length 2408 m by local inner repairing of damaged pipes
  • demolition works

Executed works:

  • sewage system reconstruction in the town Pezinok, DN 300 – DN 1200, total length 3010 m
  • structures construction of rough wastewater pretreatment in WTP Pezinok area
  • connection of newly-constructed structures of rough wastewater pretreatment with discharge pumping station
  • treatment of existing WTP Pezinok structures, demolition of existing WTP Pezinok structures
  • technological part supply of rough wastewater pretreatment structures
  • running the entire sewerage system of Malokorpatsky region in section – WTP Vrakuna into permanent operation